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Price Quote

Hello, I would like a price quote for contracting a bus for 25 people to Italy. The total milage is 1, 445 KM. Leaving on May 3 at 12 am driving overnight and arriving on May 3 10 am: Here is the Itinerary: HCSC Wine Tour Itinerary May 2 12 am Leave from Hohenfels PX to Italy May 3 10:00-Arrive to (B.) Tommasi Winery 10:00-12:00 Tour Tommasi Winery 12:00 pm Depart Drive to (C.) Cantina Di Soave 1:00-2:30 Tour at Cantina di Soave 2:30 Drive to (D.) Vicenza check in at Hotel Victoria 4:45 pm Depart Victoria to (E.) Aeolia’s Restaurant 5:15 Arrive to Aeolia’s Restaurant (5:30-10 pm) 10:00 pm return to Hotel Victoria Saturday May 4 6:30-8:30 Breakfast at Hotel 8:30 Depart to Nove (F.) 9-12:00 Arrive and shopping & lunch in Nove 12:00 pm Depart Nove to (G) Parco Del Venda, Vo, Italy 1:30 -3:30 Tour Parco del Venda 3:30 Depart for (H.)Villa Sceriman, Vo, Italy 4:00-6:00 pm Arrive and Tour Villa Sceriman 6:00 pm Depart Villa Sceriman and Return to (I.)Hotel Victoria 7:00 pm Arrive at Victoria Sunday May 5 7:30 Depart Hotel Victoria 5-6 pm Arrive to Hohenfels

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