Midibus is the type of bus which, by it's size, does not fit in the minibus Midibus Setra S411HD - Author: Martin Hawlisch (LosHawlos)nor the full size bus type. Midibuses, similar to minibuses, are convenient for smaller groups of passengers on shorter travels. The difference is that midibuses offer larger seating capacity, ranging from 24 to 35 seats, along with larger luggage compartments, thus making them more suitable for longer journeys. The engine us usually placed in the back of the vehicle.

The term Midibus is not commonly used in the United States, primarily because of the absence of this type of buses. The situation in Europe is different, where many bus manufacturers produce this type of buses. The main difference in US and Europe in regards to midibuses is that the term "Minibus" in the US commonly refers to bus type with seating capacity from 10-35 seats, thus covering both minibus and midibus types of buses, while in Europe buses with 24-35 counstitute the separate bus type refered to as Midibus.


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