Charter Bus

Charter buses are suitable both for local and long distance group travel. Charter Bus is also often referred to as a tour bus, touring coach and a motorcoach. Charter buses have a higher floor level than other bus types, which expands the luggage compartment space and makes it suitable for long-distance travel. Charter buses are equipped with reclining seats, storage for hand luggage, audio and video system (CD-DVD), microphone, air-condition, toilette/restroom... The most luxurious charter buses have additional equipment such as wireless internet, kitchenette, coffee machine, bar... Due to it's high passenger floor level, charter buses are the most comfortable buses for group travel, especially on longer routes. Although a full sized charter buses are more expensive for hire than smaller buses, when such bus is fully boarded, the costs per passenger are very affordable. It is a known fact that buses are the cheapest and the most environment friendly way of travel.

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