Bus Types


MinibusMinibuses are small buses designed to carry small groups of people, mostly on shorter routes. Minibus is considerably smaller than a full size motorcoach. The engine is usually placed in front of the vehicle. The minibus luggage compartment is scarce, and therefore not suitable for longer travels, unless equipped with the additonal luggage box or trailer.

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Midibus is the type of bus which, by it's size, does not fit in the minibus Midibus Setra S411HD - Author: Martin Hawlisch (LosHawlos)nor the full size bus type. Midibuses, similar to minibuses, are convenient for smaller groups of passengers on shorter travels.

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Charter Bus

Charter buses are suitable both for local and long distance group travel. Charter Bus is also often referred to as a tour bus, touring coach and a motorcoach. Charter buses have a higher floor level than other bus types, which expands the luggage compartment space and makes it suitable for long-distance travel.

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Party Bus

Party Bus InteriorA party bus (also referred to as limo bus, luxury bus, party ride) is a type of bus or coach, specifically designed and altered to provide it's passengers a spacious interior equipped with numerous amenities suitable for celebrations and similar occasions such as birthdays, graduations, corporate events, weddings, sporting events etc. It can carry 10 or more passengers, depending on the size of the vehicle.

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