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Volvo Buses is a subsidiary and a business area of Volvo which became an independent division in 1968. It is the world's second largest bus manufacturer, with a complete range of heavy buses for passenger transportation. The product range includes complete buses and coaches as well as chassis combined with a comprehensive range of services. The bus operation has a global presence, with production in Europe, North/South America, Asia and Australia. One former production facility was located in Irvine, Scotland (closed in 2000). Products Chassis - Historical * 1950s: B627 * 1950s-1960s: B615/B616/B617 * 1950s-1960s: B635/B638 * 1950s-1960s: B705 * 1950s-1960s: B725/B727 * 1951-1963: B655 (mid-engine)/B656/B657/B658 * 1960s: B715 * 1963-1965: B755 * 1960s-1980s: B57 & BB57 * 1965-1982: B58 * 1970-1980: B59 * 1973-1985: Ailsa B55 * 1978-2001: B10M/B10MA/B10MD (the double deck city bus version B10MD, built from 1982 to 1993, was also known as Citybus) * 1970s-1991: B10R * 1990-2002: B10B * 1991-1998: B6/B6LE * 1992-2000: Olympian (modified from Leyland Olympian) * 1992-2004: B10BLE * 1993-2000s: B10L/B10LA * 1997-2006?: B7L/B7LA * 1998-2002: B6BLE * 1998-2004: Super Olympian (also known as B10TL) * 1999-2006: B7TL - Current * 1991-: B12/B12R * 1997-: B7R * 1997-: B12B * 1999-: B12M/B12MA (bi-articulated version was introduced in 2002) * 2000-: B7RLE * 2001-: B12BLE/B12BLEA (articulated version was introduced in 2005) * 2002-: B9TL (once known as Olympian in Volvo official website) * 2002-: B9S Articulated/B9 SALF Articulated (bi-articulated version was introduced in 2006) * 2003-: B9R * 2005-: B9L/B9LA * 2008?-: B5L Hybrid (hybrid electric bus) Complete buses * C10M (built in 1980s) * 5000/7500 low-floor citybus (B10L/B7L/B9S Articulated chassis) * 7000/7700 low-floor citybus (B10L/B7L/B9L/B5L Hybrid chassis) * 7250/7350 coach (Volvo/Drögmöller B10-400/B7R chassis) - for Mexico * 7450/7550 coach * 8300 intercity (B9R chassis) - for Mexico * 8400 citybus (B7RLE chassis) - for India * 8500 TX intercity (B12M chassis) * 8500LE citybus (B10BLE/B12BLE/B9S Articulated chassis) * 8700 TX intercity (B7R/B12B/B12M chassis) * 8700LE citybus (B7RLE/B12BLE chassis) * 9300 coach (B9R chassis) - for Mexico * 9400 intercity (B7R chassis) - for India * 9400(6X2) intercity (B9R chassis) - for India * 9700 TX intercity/coach (B12B/B12M chassis) * 9900 coach (Volvo/Drögmöller B12-600 chassis) Acquired companies Bus makers owned/acquired by Volvo: * Säffle Karosseri AB, Säffle, Sweden (1981, now Volvo Bussar Säffle AB) * Leyland Bus, United Kingdom (1988, all Leyland products ceased production by July 1993) * Steyr Bus GmbH, Steyr, Austria (early 1990s) * Aabenraa Karrosseri A/S, Aabenraa, Denmark (1994) * Drögmöller Karosserien GmbH & Co. KG, Heilbronn, Germany (1994, later known as Volvo Busse Industries (Deutschland) GmbH, plant closed in 2005) * Prevost Coaches, Quebec, Canada (1995), now known as Prevost Car * Carrus OY, Finland (1998, later known as Volvo Bus Finland OY) * Nova Bus, St-Eustache, Quebec, Canada (1998) * Mexicana de Autobuses SA (MASA), Tultitlan, Mexico (1998) Electric buses Volvo Bus launched the B5L Hybrid Double Deck Bus at the Euro Bus Expo 2008 show. The first of a batch of six Volvo Hybrid Double Deckers, takes centre stage. This new Volvo Hybrid will enter series production in the fourth Quarter of 2009. The chassis layout follows the same principles as the Volvo 7700[1] Hybrid, which was launched at the IAA in Hanover. Source:



The brand Volvo refers to the fame of a car making company. It means the company has made such cars which are now very popular in car market. Volvo makes different cars as well as buses & luxury vehicles. Many car users prefer Volvo for its latest features & comfort. Here some important information is written related to Volvo Company. The cars need more attention & care. Volvo Repair Medfield, MA

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