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Prevost is a Quebec, Canada-based manufacturer of touring coaches and bus shells for high-end motorhomes and specialty conversions. The company now owns Nova Bus and in turn is owned by Volvo Bus Corporation. The company was first founded in 1924 by Eugène Prevost (1899-1965), a cabinet maker specializing in the production of church pews and school furniture, who in 1924 was asked to build a custom bus body for a brand new REO truck chassis. Les Ateliers Prévost, as the company was then called, received several repeat orders. Between 1937-1939 Provost Car's first bus manufacturing plant was built. Initially the vehicles were built around a wooden frame but in 1945 this was changed so that the bodies were all made of metal. The company was acquired by Paul Normand in 1957. In 1969, two American businessmen, Thomas B. Harbison and William G. Campbell, formed a partnership with André Normand, then President of Prevost, to become the company’s sole owners. These three men, in turn, sold Prevost to Volvo Bus Corporation in 1995.[2] The company now (February 2007) has 1,337 employees and operates six parts and service centers located across North America. The latest models saw the XLII thoroughly revised, now with a longer wheelbase to provide more storage and a smoother ride. This, along with many other changes, marked the beginning of the new X3-45. The flagship H3-45 received some further enhancements in 2006 with GPS and a destination sign made an option. As well as this, the new Delta sound system was also developed to provide improved sound throughout the cabin. For the new EPA 2007 Standards, Prevost now offers an innovative installation of the Diesel Particulate Filter and the Rooftop Diffuser for Increased Safety, Performance, Serviceability and Security. The standard Detroit Diesel has been uprated from 12.7 litres to 14 litres for the model year 2007. For the 2008 model year, Prevost have introduced a new Volvo DH13 Series engine from their parent company as an option to the current Detroit Diesel Series 60 offering. From 2010, the Daimler Automotive Group will no longer sell Detroit Diesel Series engine to companies outside of the corporation including Prevost. A set of new interior colour schemes have been developed for the 2008 model year to provide a modern feel to the interior. There are three "trim levels" ranging from fabric to leather and wood.