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Irizar Group is a Spanish-based builder of luxury coach vehicle bodies, established in 1889. It is located in Ormaiztegi in the Basque Country. It is part of the Mondragon Cooperative Corporation. It is the market-leading builder of coach vehicle bodies in Spain (with a market share of over 40%), and ranks second in Europe, its coach bodies being available in many parts of the world. Apart from its main plant in the Basque Country, which produces around 1000 bodies per year, Irizar also has factories in other countries: in Skhirat (Morocco), Tianjin (China), Botucatu (Brazil), Querétaro (México), Centurion (South Africa) and in Tamil Nadu (India) (in partnership with Ashok Leyland and TVS Motors). Together they have a production of over 3000 bodies a year. The Irízar group also owns Hispacold, which makes air conditioning systems for coaches, and Masats, makers of automated bus and coach doors and ramps. Irízar works especially closely with Scania, having jointly designed a bodywork, the i4. However, Irizar bodies can also be found on other manufacturer's platforms, such as Irisbus, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, etc. Source: